10 Shockingly Awesome Electrical Component Assets

Get a spark of creativity for your next concept piece or environment with these shockingly awesome electrical component assets.

15-pipes and wires asset pack

by Amethesh Lgp

Pack of 15 models that you can use for concepts, designing, visualizations, and presentations.  Includes15 Pipes & Wires that available with curve modifier in blend format and available in both curved and straight format.

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Electrical Wall Outlet Seamless PBR Texture

by Erica Grenci

This is a texture pack only. This pack comes with the following maps ready for any game engine. Seamless PBR texture with opacity mask.

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Industrial Electrical, Lighting, and Conduit Assets [Unreal Engine 4]

by Luka Kitanovski

This asset pack has everything you need to populate the walls of your level and bring it to life! All assets except the showcase environment are included. That’s 40 individual AAA quality assets and multiple material variants per mesh.

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Subd Cables and Wires

by Oleg Ushenok

This kitbash was made to let you spend less time for modeling and more for your ready ideas. CG artists will be able to take advantage of quad-based topology of the meshes by adding additional subdivisions when a higher resolution render or close-up is required.

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Electric cabinet pack

by Maksim Vinogradov

This game asset pack provides 3 electric cabinet midpoly models for industrial visualizations with 4k PBR textures and materials.

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Electric meter

by 3D Atheist

This game asset is an electric meter in a low-poly game-ready model.

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Electrical Transformer 2A

by Srinath Weerasinghe

This is a model of an electrical transformer. This model is suitable for use in broadcast, advertising, design visualization, real-time, video game etc. It contains 7 separate objects. Model is built to real-world scale(the unit system is metric).

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Pipes and Wires asset pack

by Egor Protonov

Use these models for concepts, designing, visualizations and presentations. This pack includes 10 clips, 16 Pipes & Wires. Сlips can be used to connect multiple wires and decorate a composition. You can use these models in any program. To control the geometry, you can use the “curves modifier” or lattice.

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ElectricalBox Photogrammetry Asset PhotoScan

by Scan Geeks

This product consists of an electrical box 3D model based on photoscans.This asset is highly detailed with great topology and realistic 4K textures for different PBR workflows and game engines. Content:

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Two Electricity Meters

by Inu Games

The pack includes the UE4.24 assets ready to use and the original files, in case you need to modify something. The 2 Japanese-style electricity meters are game ready and really low poly (352 vertices and 490 vertices).

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