9 Brushes You Need for Seams & Stitches

It may be cliche to say “the devil’s in the details,” but that doesn’t mean they can be overlooked. Give the fabrics in your work the realistic details they need with these seams and stitches.

Fabric seam brushes

by Vladimir Silkin

This essential pack includes 10 Fabric seam brushes for Zbrush and alphas in PSD format.

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by Vakho Phiphia
Don’t need stitches? This pack is all about seam brushes without stitches for Zbrush 2020. Also, all alphas are included.

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Hand Sewing seams brushes

by Mohamed Alsadany
If you’re looking for a more medieval vibe, this pack is for you. It includes 9 brushes for a hand-sewn look.

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17 fabric/seem brushes

by Daniel Johnsson
Need fabric seams with some ruching, look no further. Get a customized looked when you change roll distance under the stroke menu to give you your desired effect.

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30 IMM Stitches/Sewing Brush for Zbrush

by Dylan Kowalski
This might just be the perfect brush pack to detail your clothes in ZBrush! These brushes are easy to use, just work with the curve system of ZBrush, drag your curve, select the stitch you want and it’s done!

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by Alex Vasin
Get all the fine details of the thread with this stitch curve brush for ZBrush.

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ZBrush – 35 Seam/Stitch Brushes

by jonas ronnegard
This is a Seam/Stitch alpha/brush set for ZBrush includes 35 brushes and Height/alpha maps.

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Stitches, Seams, Staples brush

by Volatile Vertex
Stitches, seams, and staples, oh my! This brush kit has you covered from whether you need professional cut clothing or DIY repaired fabric.  All image files are also included so you can use them in other applications.

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Substance Painter Stitch Tool

by Gabriel Nadeau
You’ll want this stitch tool for Substance Painter that is meant to be simple and easy to use. With this in hand, you will be able to create nice realistic looking stitches with some basic controls on things like the color, the stitch scale and the holes intensity.

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