10 Awesome Vehicle Tutorials

The ArtStation Marketplace is home to many amazing tutorials. We put together 10 tutorials to help you create some awesome vehicles.

Hard Surface UV Mapping

by David Bittorf 

This tutorial will walk you through how to UV map a complex motorcycle model comprised of several parts. You will learn how to UV various shapes and key strategies to keep yourself organized.  The model will be broken up into 4 separate regions that will each have their own UV layout.

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Medical Drone 3d modeling and rendering Tutorial Workshop – with Autodesk Maya & Arnold

by Darrell Abney 

Over 20 hours of footage! Full HD video with English commentary recorded by a 3d modeling veteran of the film and game industry for 15 plus years. Learn how to create a clean, production-ready medical drone robot completely from scratch with Autodesk Maya.

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Hard Surface Kitbash + 12 Video Tutorials

by Milad Kambari 

Milad Kambari’s 12 part video tutorial also comes with 106 hard surface models set for 3Dmax, Zbrush, Maya, and more. You will learn how to create Hard Surface 3D models using 3Dmax.

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Motorcycle project file

by Chen Yi 

Understand Chen Yi’s drawing process in Substance painter. You can also output these textures for rendering exercises.

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Mech Design: Designing Over Block outs with Sheng Lam

by Foundation Art Group 

This 1 hour 15 Minute lecture and demo will walk you through designing over block-outs and includes jpg demo and notes.

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Concept Masters Vol.2

by jonas ronnegard

In this tutorial, Sebastian Luca will show you how he uses a mix of 3D and 2D to create his well crafted multi-angle vehicle concepts at unbelievable speeds.

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Car modeling tutorial

by Clement Dieu 

This tutorial includes almost 5 hours of video showing how to model the exterior of the car with Modo.

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Car Rendering: Basic Modeling With Creases Tutorial

By Richard Smith
This tutorial in the form of a 22-minute video gives an overview of the modeling process behind Richard Smith‘s Classic Mini Wide Concept. He also covers polygon modeling in Maya using the Crease Tool and Crease Set Editor.

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Monster Truck – PSD

by Richard Wright 

In this tutorial, you get access to step-by-step jpg files with notes, PSD with all layers, full-resolution jpg of final image and brushes.

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Cyberpunk Biker Girl – Process PSD

by Eddie Mendoza 

This pack includes process PSD files, layered PSD builds and a full-resolution JPG of the completed image.

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