ArtStation Learning Update: 20/11/2019

Expand your skill set and learn from professionals on ArtStation Learning! With diverse new courses being continually added to the library, you’ll always have something new to learn.

This week on ArtStation Learning, discover 4 new courses by Yekaterina Bourykina and Naomi VanDoren.

Hand Painting Textures: Character (Part 2)

Yekaterina Bourykina is a master of hand painting stylized textures for games. In this four part series she demonstrates her approach to hand painting textures on a character. In this second part, after setting up the bakes and cleaning them up, building up lighting and painting in the materials, Katia tackles the process of painting in greyscale to make accurate looking materials and lighting.

Watercolor Fundamentals: An Introduction to Watercolor (Part 1)

Naomi VanDoren uses watercolors to create her vibrant and magical worlds. In this six part series, she shares the basics of watercoloring, with a special focus towards digital artists. In this first part, she gets into the basic components of watercoloring with an introduction to tools and materials, with recommendations.

Unlimited access to the ArtStation Learning library is included in all premium ArtStation subscriptions.

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