Edge Control Toronto 2019

Edge Control Expo is two day creative industry event in Toronto, Canada that brings industry professionals from all over to share their knowledge and experience with the community. The guest speakers give lectures, demos, and provide portfolio reviews alongside other industry professionals invited to the event.

Edge Control Expo 2019 is coming up on the weekend of October 5th & 6th! All speakers and portfolio reviewers have AAA experience working for various high budget projects from games, TV and/or film working as concept artists, illustrators or storyboard artists. Check out this year’s lineup:

Day 1

Florent Lebrun

Kay Huang

Dan Milligan

Day 2

Jomaro Kindred

Tatyana Kupriyanova

Oscar Cafaro

About the Speakers

Florent Lebrun is a Freelance Concept Artist at One Pixel Brush who’s clients include Ubisoft, Respawn Entertainment, Riot Games and many more.

Dan Miligan is a Freelance Storyboard and Concept Artist based in Toronto. He has worked on large projects such as Uncharted 3, Black Panther, Batman v Superman – Dawn Of Justice and Diablo II.

Kay Huang is a Lead Concept Artist at Ubisoft Toronto. Previous work includes Splinter Cell 6 – Blacklist, Far Cry 4 and StarLink.

Jomaro Kindred is an Art Director / Co-Founder at Second Dinner. Previously, he was a Senior Concept Artist at Blizzard’s Hearthstone team and other various projects such as Call of Duty and Borderlands.

Tatyana Kupriyanova is a Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator from St. Petersburg, Russia who has created work for the Elder Scroll Series, MythGard and more.

Oscar Cafaro is a Freelance Designer from Toronto currently working with clients like Blizzard, Dreamworks and more. He was previously a Senior Concept Artist at Ubisoft Toronto.

In addition to guest speakers, the event brings in portfolio reviewers  from educational institutions and studios. Previous portfolio reviewers have included Northfront Studio, Talent Tree, and other working professionals in Toronto.

Lectures, Demos, Panels, Friendship

Each artist will give a 2 hour session on various industry topics (art, design, lifestyle, motivation, development, etc). Artists will often start with a lecture and give an art demonstration while allowing the audience to ask questions.

A casual discussion panel with the speakers and other invited guest artists takes place after all presentations. They’ll talk about everything from life as a creative, more perspective on their presentations and overall thoughts & insight. Speakers and invited guests then offer portfolio reviews and give advice on how your work can improve.

To cap off the event, network at the after party complete with some drinks and refreshments.

“It started with a burrito.”

Edge Control was as a spur of the moment decision after sitting on the idea for months, founded by Dhenzel Obeng  and Zabi Hassan. As students, the founders had seen a post that Schoolism was bringing Craig Mullins and Claire Wendling to Toronto and immediately decided to attend. It was their first time at an industry event and they fell in love with the experience. Beyond the brilliant presentations and knowledge bombs, the turning point was getting to network with other attendees. The event was a life changing experience that showed them the value of bringing artists together.

Seeing that there were not enough events in the area, the young artists decided to create the event as a way to connect artists in Toronto. Edge Control credits some of their success to Anthony Jones and Kalen Chock from Robotpencil for kickstarting the first event. During a livestream, Kalen had mentioned how their students around the world organized events for them to speak at. In exchange for speaking at their events, all they ask for were “some burritos”. After months of planning, Edge Control took them up on their offer. In 2016, they were flown to Toronto to host the very first event. Since then, the event has been getting bigger every year. 

An Event to Inpsire

“It’s hard to learn this stuff. There’s a plethora of talent on ArtStation, on social media, and our event came into fruition because of those people. As artists ourselves, we wanted to understand how they did things, what they thought about, how they learned, all so we could find some secret sauce or tool or ritual to help us get better.” – Dhenzel Obeng, Co-founder & artist

“Every year, we find that everyone faces some struggle. Whether it’s from the speakers or our attendees, we’re reminded that this craft is difficult and goes beyond just learning. The result of 4 years of running this, studying, applying, listening to our peers and speakers forged a belief that everyone has the capacity to fulfill their creative goals, simply starting with mindset.”

The founders say that what makes Edge Control special is that they rely on the good hearted nature of the community to make it that way.

“The reality of the event is that it’s community made, at its core. It’s meant to connect people because that’s the most important event quality, and because it’s important for people to attend them for the sake of their own artistic and personal development. If you haven’t already, it doesn’t have to be our event, just go to one.”

If you’re an artist in Toronto, join them at Edge Control and learn from professional entertainment industry artists at Edge Control Expo 2019 on Oct 5th/6th! Connect with a community of entertainment industry artists, designers and creatives in Toronto.

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