Marketplace Success Story: Travis Davids

Travis Davids is a freelance digital artist based in South Africa. Working freelance has allowed him to spend most of his time on personal work and content creation for his products. Davids is passionate about the value packed content he creates, saying he enjoys that it helps not only make his life easier but others’ lives too.

“I try my best to work smart. Every product I have released is a direct result of me solving a problem I encountered in order to work faster so all of the time and effort spent creating this content is time well spent and it helps me immensely in the long run,” he says.

His ArtStation Store has a diverse variety of products including 3D assets, textures, brushes, materials, references, tutorials and more.

“ArtStation removes the fear of your products never being seen by a targeted audience, they are already on here browsing the marketplace, looking for something of value that will help them to either create better work a lot quicker or learn a new skill.”

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Creating in 3D

Like many artists, his creative tendencies developed at a young age. “I grew up as the comical, nerdy, artistic clown in school. Classmates bribed me with chocolate in order to draw portraits of them. Chocolate is delicious so it wasn’t a hassle. I also grew up playing a lot of video games that gave me constant eye-gasms and sparked so much interest to actually create worlds, characters and stories like this as well.”

Davids explains his world changed when he first started using a PC and began to create mods for The Sims. Though he initially took a career path in Graphic Design, he eventually returned to his 3D roots and hasn’t looked back since. ” I absolutely love everything about the 3D world. I also feel like my graphic design past gets incorporated into my 3D workflow and presentation as well. 3D has allowed me to explore and visualize so many ideas. There’s so much to explore and learn within the creative realm. You never stop learning! There is no better time than now to be a creative, we are spoilt with choice and learning resources.”


Keeping it Fresh

Davids explains that diversifying the kind of products on his store is what helps him keep it fresh and explore new ideas and techniques.

“Something to keep in mind is that the products you create and publish can either be swallowed by the sea or rise to surface. Be inventive. If you build upon current ideas, find ways to add more value to make it different. What you choose to create and how you choose to market it will essentially determine how well it sells on any marketplace. At least, that’s how it’s been from my own personal experience.”

At the moment, we can expect anything and everything from him.

“I tend to be rather sporadic with my uploads. I’m either building upon techniques I’ve learnt or introducing something new in either my workflow or a useful product. I’ve been using Marvelous Designer for quite a while now so I’m planning on releasing some more Marvelous Designer related content and fashion design related items on my page. Anything that catches my interest I’ll explore and upload on my page. I like to try different things. My Youtube channel is a shining example of me uploading a wide range of different content.”

For updates on his latest posts and products, follow Travis Davids on ArtStation >


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