Marketplace Success Story: Quentin Gabriel

Quentin Gabriel is a concept artist currently working on Division 2 at Ubisoft Reflections. On the side, he also teaches concept art fundamentals via online mentorship to help people understand, create and prepare their concept art portfolio. The artist also recently opened a store on the ArtStation Marketplace and broke a record in his first week.

A Record Breaking Response

While studying in Singapore, Gabriel spent 4 weeks working on a digital brush set that mimicked traditional drawing on paper. Without a large social following to share with or fall back on to start, he put his brush set up on the ArtStation Marketplace.

 “I tried to find a platform that could reach people. My presence online was practically non existent on social media so I tried the ArtStation Marketplace knowing that the platform could reach way more people than I could by myself!”

To his great surprise, not only did his brushes instantly trend, they also made it to the top of the Best Selling tab in the same week. With the exposure from the Marketplace, he also gained a larger following. His brush set broke the record on ArtStation for the highest number of sales made in a single week.

“I didn’t expect so many people to like them. I received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook, ArtStation and Instagram from people telling me that the brush works really well!”

Visit Quentin Gabriel’s ArtStation Store > 

Opportunities Around the World

Gabriel has worked and studied all around the world. From an internship at an architecture firm and studies in graphic design in Paris, to freelance work for the Discovery Channel Magazine in Singapore, to studying at Brainstorm School in Los Angeles and ending up at Ubisoft in the UK, it’s clear some of the artist’s personal work is inspired from real-life references from his travels.

His ArtStation Store features Reference Packs from around the world , including rare locations like Easter Island and Hobbiton.

He’s still in the process of uploading more reference packs from his brother’s world trip, featuring over 19 countries.  “I am still figuring out how to present it in the best way possible! I was also thinking putting some of the elements I use for my mentorship and sharing it on the ArtStation Marketplace to help more people.”

On what he learnt most from his selling experience on ArtStation, he says:

“Sharing on a platform like ArtStation could really help share more of what I do with other artists without being famous. Anyone can do it if they spend the time to present their product right and make sure that it can be useful!”

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