Feudal Japan Challenge: One Week Left to Register

ArtStation Community Challenges were created to help developing artists improve on skills, get feedback from industry professionals and create a dynamic piece for their portfolio. It’s also a great way to connect with other artists and get noticed by potential recruiters or employers!

The Feudal Japan Challenge that started earlier this fall has become one of the largest Challenges yet, with a record breaking number of participants in the Character Production categories. The theme focuses on the period in Japanese history when lords (daimyo), their warlords (shogun) and warriors (samurai) ruled over Japan.

As with previous ArtStation Community Challenges, production artists in the second phase are welcome to create their submission based on a concept from the first phase or come up with their own concept.

Join the Challenge

With Phase 2 of the Challenge nearing an end at the beginning of December, this week is the last chance to join the Production Challenges before the judges select the winners.

Want to join in the fun? Join the Feudal Japan Challenge now!

Enter the Challenge

Game Character Art (Real-Time)

Film/VFX Art (Rendered)

Prop Art (Rendered)

Game Environment/Level Art


Registration for the Production Challenge ends November 26,  2018.

Submission deadlines for the challenge end December 3, 2018.

Remember that in order to submit your entry – you must finalize it before the Challenge ends!

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