Marketplace Updates: Increase Traffic & Cash Out Earlier

Back in March, we released the ArtStation Marketplace in Alpha, enabling artists to sell and share their resources. As we gear up to release the ArtStation Marketplace in Beta soon to all ArtStation Pro members as sellers, we’ve added a couple improvements to  increase traffic to your products and allow you to cash in earlier.

Marketplace Trending Wall

With the new default Trending Wall, you’ll always be able to see most recent popular items. While the Best Selling tab shows you the most popular products of all time, the Marketplace Trending Home Page will always be freshly updated.

Reduced Minimum Payouts

The minimum amount of sales for payout has been lowered in most countries meaning there’s less time to wait and you can get your cash out on your earnings sooner.

Short URLs

Sharing your products with followers  is now clean and easier than ever with short links you can copy and paste anywhere you like.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the ArtStation Marketplace soon.

For now, check out all the artist resources available on the ArtStation Marketplace > 

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