Featured Pro Portfolio: Soufiane Idrassi

Soufiane Idrassi is a concept design and character/creature artist based in Dubai. Having joined ArtStation from the very start, he  previously used multiple portfolio websites but has since moved everything to his ArtStation Pro portfolio website.

“It was the easiest to manage, it looks good, and all my stuff from my ArtStation portfolio is there already. So that was the big win for me!” 

Check out Soufiane’s ArtStation-powered portfolio website. 

Read our interview with him to learn about his favorite piece, challenges and more.

What was one of your most challenging moments as an artist?

My most challenging moment is when I started learning digital art. It wasn’t easy because when you choose to take a path to an industry that does not exist in your third world country, you’ll encounter a lot of obstacles. From not being able to find a single store that sells tablets, to your parents telling you to get a real job, it made me almost quit multiple times.
But obviously,  because I was doing what I love,  no matter what happens, I just pull through it and continue. Seeing all these talented artists here on ArtStation gives me the motivation and drive to work hard and improve my skills as an artist.

Tell us about one of your favorite pieces.

”Beyond the Veil”  was originally supposed to be a story but due to lack of time, I ended up turning it into just as a personal project.  It’s one of my favorites because it was the most challenging in terms of creation process, as I still hadn’t mastered some programs I used in it like Marvelous Designer and Substance Painter.  It took a lot of trial and error  but eventually, I was fairly satisfied with the final outcome. Looking back at it now, there’s a ton of things I would add, change and improve, but let’s save that for future projects.

Where do you go to find inspiration?

 Of course ArtStation is my number one go-to for inspiration, as I said, seeing all the talented artists here gives me motivation to just open Photoshop or Zbrush and start doing some art.  Also, a lot of game art books!

What is your advice for artists who want to improve their skills?

 My advice is simple: practice! A lot of practice. Whatever your goal is –  painting, sculpting or modeling. etc – if you don’t practice enough, your skills will always stay the same and you won’t level up.

See more of Soufiane’s work on his portfolio website. To learn more about ArtStation Pro websites, click here. 

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