Playgrounds: The Art Department

Playgrounds 2017: The Art Department – The shitload of work that’s done before you start creating games, commercials, features and animations.

A lot happens before a film is taken into production. For Playgrounds 2017: The Art Department they’re focusing on everything created before it goes into production. For this sold out 2 day event, more than 40 artists and designers will immerse themselves into the magic of visual storytelling. Character design, concept art, background visuals, character building, robotics, props, set dressing: every single detail a crew has to think of and decide upon before they can get start actually producing the film.

The Art Department is co-curated by professionals in the industry. Amongst others Jort van Welbergen, Wouter Tulp and Leon Tukker with lectures by Anthony Christov (Pixar), Kevin Dart, Jesse Van Dijk, Jan Urschel, Chris Rosewarne, Jort Van Welbergen, Danar Worya, Martin Rezard, Rex Crowle, Ralph Palmer, Mike Azevedo, Darek Zabrocki, Stijn Windig, Sava Zivkovic, Trixter Bo Zonneveld, Pablo Carpio and Fons Schiedon.

Find out more about the event on their website here.

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