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After nearly 10 years of working in the visual effects world, art director/matte painter and industry veteran, Maxx Burman, only cares about one thing: creating without permission. KitBash3d, his brand new company that expedites the digital art process by offering 3d architectural asset libraries to concept artists, matte painters, illustrators, environment artists and VFX artists, is the first iteration of this mantra.

For years Maxx spent hours scrolling the Internet’s stock content resources, trying to find companies that might offer the quality 3D models capable of meeting the high standards for his professional matte painting needs. On big productions, he’d receive detailed assets from a studio’s modeling team, but most projects didn’t have the schedule or the resources to build these. He always felt that buying models online was like rolling dice; sometimes they were okay, but most of the time they were useless. After getting sick of waiting, he finally decided to pull the trigger and build this missing resource. So he teamed up with Banks Boutté, an entrepreneur who has been utilizing digital content marketing since the early days of YouTube, to build a platform to provide these tools and empower artists.

The kits dramatically shave off the time it takes to get a project going. With these dynamic and customizable assets, artists will have the power of a studio’s 3d department available to them. They will then be able to quickly assemble 3d scenes in order to create vast, detailed worlds. The site opened its virtual doors last Tuesday with its first four kits: Gothic, Art Deco, Neo Tokyo, and Arabic.

New styles and genres will be added every month and since its launch, artists across the VFX community have been eager to assemble and combine cathedrals, mausoleums, skyscrapers, palace domes, and many more of the high quality architectural assets KitBash3d has to offer. Each kit is available at a cost of $199, and has been specifically designed and built for production with clean geometry, mid-poly counts and pre-UVed models. All assets are application agnostic and integrate seamlessly into workflows with all off-the-shelf digital content creation tools.

However, it isn’t just quality or time efficiency that makes KitBash3d such an appealing brand for VFX artists; it’s also the community of industry-leading professionals that are directly involved in its ideation. Each kit is designed and tested by a team of concept artists, matte painters, and art directors. Below watch some of KitBash3d’s artists deliver their insights on how kitbashing has changed the way they work:

These same industry-leading artists will be the stars of “The KitBash3d Festival”, a live streaming tutorial tour that will take place over the next few weeks exclusively on Learn Squared’s Twitch Channel. The festival and its live streamed Kitbash3d demos will feature industry veterans amongst the likes of art director Ash Thorp (Ghost in the Shell, War for the Planet of the Apes), concept artist Emmanuel Shiu (Ready Player One, Game of Thrones), concept artist Darek Zabrocki (Maze Runner 3, Destiny 2) and art director Nick Hiatt (Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

In teaming up with the highly respected educational platform, KitBash3d not only hopes to give audiences a taste of its new kits and their dynamic versatility, but inspire artists to reach a new level in their work. Until now, this workflow has been reserved to studios with a team of modelers and big budget projects, or hardcore 3d artists who were able to generate their own assets before going into the painting process. KitBash3d wants to give that same power to all artists, so that they don’t have to wait for permission; they can just create.

Do not wait to create.
Build your world.

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