Countdown to Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2017 and THU TV launch!

Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn (THU) 2017 starts on September 18th with an expanded lineup of amazing artists, new experiences, and some of the world’s biggest studios looking to recruit new talent at the ArtStation Recruitment Centre. The five-day event will bring amazing artists from all around the world to Tróia in Portugal to share a truly unique experience which everyone can share in.

While ~900 artists will be lucky enough to be in Tróia for THU next week, the revolution will also be televised with THU TV again which will show you even more than one set of eyeballs and ears can take in. In addition to speakers’ presentations and interviews with the Tribe, THU TV will continue the unmissable Sketchbook and CoLabs series from last year. New series are also planned around mobile game development and tips and techniques. Like Vol I and Vol II, THU TV will be packed with inspiration, advice from working artists, and knowledge that will help guide you through a lifetime of art.


There’s absolutely no reason not to get THU TV this year as the price today is just €39.90! The price will then go up to €59.90 which is still less than half the cost of previous Volumes. THU TV is an amazing learning resource beyond just tutorials and techniques. It’s television made for artists by artists.

The THU 2017 Knights (speakers) include: Aleksi Briclot, Ben Mauro, Brian Sharp, Carsten Biernat, Cephas Howard, Christopher Nichols, Ciaran Willis, Claire Wendling, David Levy, Ed Hooks, Eric Miller, Eric Goldberg, Erick Oh, Florian Gellinger, Iain McCaig, Ian Spriggs, Jaime Maestro, Karla Ortiz, Keely Colcleugh, Kyle Odermatt, Ludger Pfanz, Mach Kobayashi, Maciej Kuciara, Manuel Carrasco, Marc Simonetti, Marcin Blacha, Marek Denko, Mingjue Helen Chen, Negin Bairami, Paul Briggs, Rob Bliss, Robert Valley, Rodrigo Blaas, Ruairi Robinson, Ryan Woodward, Scott Eaton, Serge Birault, Shinji Aramaki, Terryl Whitlatch, and Tran Nguyen!


The Co-Labs initiative expands this year simulate a real world creative work environment with the task of bringing ideas for movies, games or animations to life as a team (of fifty Tribe members), guided by an all-star roster of mentors including: Daniel Orive, Devon Fay, Eduardo Gonzalez, Eric Canete, Geoffrey Ernault, Justin ‘Goby’ Fields, Mike Azevedo, Nick Carver, Nicolas ‘Sparth’ Bouvier, Robh Ruppel, and Tyson Murphy.

A new B-Sides stream will cover the business of art with industry legends and entrepreneurs discussing their experiences with the business-side of creativity including: Brad Lewis, Greyson Davis, Molly Hahn, Scott Ross, Shuzo John Shiota, Stewart Bonn.

THU Gallery

The THU Gallery is also back with the most impressive resident artists you could imagine: Jana Schirmer, Karl Kopinski, Kim Jung Gi, and Steve Huston.

THU TV will start broadcasting on September 18th. Get your THU TV tickets now!

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