Beyond Human: Challenge Update

Work in Progress by Meng Guan based on a concept by  Georgios Dimitriou

Phase 2 of the Beyond Human Challenge started last week. What are you waiting for?

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Pay attention to the announcement page for your challenge. There, the  hosts post weekly updates, answer questions and give you general tips on your progress. Instead of private messaging the hosts directly, post it on the announcement page so that anyone else who might have the same question as you can see the answer publicly.

Working with the Concept Artist

Even though your submission here is for the contest with a main goal of improving your skill, there’s no reason why you can’t also use it as an opportunity to simulate working in a professional environment. If you’ve chosen to work on a concept from Phase 1, we encourage you to reach out to the artist and get feedback on how they imagine their work in 3D. While the final submission is still ultimately up to you, the concept artist may even be able to help you out with additional sketches or pointers. Network, learn, and make friends!

Work in Progress by Julian Vermeulen based on a concept by Grace Liu

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