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“If you’ve ever wanted to see the results of what personal feedback from professional industry artist can do, then your eyes would have to look no further than the work of CGMA’s 2017 Winter Term students below,” says Program Director, Manny Fragelus.

“It’s amazing to see how much student artist grow from week-to-week…” Manny continues. “After looking at the work coming out of CGMA, I realized that what really makes us stand out is the quality of our instructor’s feedback. Simply put, feedback is at the core of any effective change and growth.”

It should come as no surprise to learn that getting firsthand guidance and mentorship from industry professionals goes a long way in an artist’s development. Specifically, professional feedback allows artists an immediate way to grow in leaps and bounds, from their peers. As Manny puts it: “Feedback motivates artist. It allows them to hone their skills by getting the right information at the right time”.

With that being said, Spring Registration at CGMA is now in full swing. Courses tend to fill up quickly so sign up today for your spot. For those artists on a budget,  check out CGMA’s payment plans for a more affordable way to pay.

Foundation and Design Courses

Dynamic Sketching 1
Dynamic Sketching 2
Fundamentals of Design
Digital Painting
The Art of Color and Light

Environment Design Courses

Fundamentals of Environment Design
Environment Drawing 1
Environment Drawing 2
Environment Sketching for Production
Fundamentals of Architecture Design
Visual Development Mentorship
Matte Painting

Anatomy Courses

Analytical Figure Drawing
Head Drawing and Construction
Animal Drawing

Character Design Courses

Character Design for Film and Games
Creature Design for Film and Games
Costume Design
Fundamentals of Character Design
Storyboarding for Animation
Character Design for Animation
Character Design for Production
Anatomy of Clothing

3D Environment Program  

Environment Program Page
Elective Classes
Character Page

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