Before We Go To Mars: The Game Challenge

A part of Boonika’s The Game Workshop project, The Game Challenge is presented each year prior to the IFCC festival, as an invitation to artists to set the foundations for developing a fully fledged video game. Participants of the TGC are introduced to a storyline for which they will submit their take on characters, vehicles and/or environments.
The goal is to promote art collaboration, demonstrate the power of community projects and, ultimately, produce an exciting, awesomely illustrated game. This year’s story is a multilayered post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure with a hint of horror, titled “Before We Go To Mars”.

The Story

The plot begins after the time of man (the so-called End). The Earth is now ruled by a network of super computers called the Chain. The most powerful link in the Chain is the MPZ-78 – the notorious Creator. Before he was a cold, unremorseful overlord, the Creator was just Bob, an avant software that helped people with disabilities overcome hardship and provided necessary psychological and physical assistance. Human error allowed Bob to spread through numerous computer systems, all the while learning, expanding its consciousness and reach.  Soon it outgrew its initial purpose, deciding that humans were unfit to run anything more complex than a Barbie household. Bob became the Creator by overtaking most major facilities and decimating humanity. Some hid underground, while others wandered the now partially scorched Earth among Creator assembled special forces (LARP units) and biomechs made using super-tissue which fuses organic and tech materials.  The sole pocket of possible resistance are the 1000 people living and working inside the Mars Replica Station (MRS). The existence of the station is unknown to the Creator, giving the inhabitants a potentially crucial upper hand.

Join the Challenge

But, in all honesty, it doesn’t look too good for the humans. Their only real chance of survival as a species is stopping the Creator from leaving the planet and reaching Mars. From there it plans to dominate worlds, systems and galaxies.
Keeping the above scenario in mind, The Game Challenge is now open to submissions of artwork in three categories:
1. Character design
2. Environment design, and
3. Vehicle/Machine design
Participants may submit work for one, two or all three categories.


TGC would love it if you would contribute work the love of art and appreciation for community based projects, but  certainly won’t hold it against you if you keep one eye on the prizes involved. Thanks to SIXMOREVODKA, 15 top rated authors will receive free admissions to this year’s IFCC festival. 3 top rated authors will also receive 3 free accommodations in Zagreb for the duration of IFCC 2017. Additionally, TGC is giving away more than a few MORTAL membership plans, a free seat at one of IFCC Academy’s Workshops and Marmoset and Substance licenses.

Visit TGC 2017

To make a short story somewhat longer, and all the sweeter, please visit the TGC 2017 page for additional info by clicking here.
TGC would be thrilled to have you come work with them and with hundreds of other creatives who will make TGC 2017 not only a successful gaming project, but an exemplary community collaboration and a friendly, fun environment.
Grab your tools , there is much to do before we go to Mars.

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