A New Challenge is Coming!

ArtStation is excited to bring to you a brand new and exciting challenge to begin Monday, February 13th 2017! The surprise theme of the challenge will only be announced the day it starts.

This challenge is for aspiring artists, students and anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and test your art skills in a community environment hosted by professional studio artists. ArtStation Challenges enable artists to gain a unique learning experience by allowing participating members to receive feedback from hosts and other members as they develop their work and share with others.

We are trying some new things with this series of challenges that we hope will significantly improve how community challenges run.

Two Phases – Vis Dev and Production

This challenge will take place in two parts, beginning with the first phase in Concept Art/Visual Development that will run for one month.  The second phase will be a month of 3D production challenges based on the submissions first phase. So, if you’re a 3D artist but have always shied away from doing challenges because you don’t have a good concept, that won’t be an issue. Your challenge can be based on concept art from Phase 1, or bring your own concept if you wish.

The categories for this series of challenges are:

Phase 1

  • Concept Art – Keyframe
  • Concept Art – Character Design
  • Concept Art – Environment Design

Phase 2

  • 3D/Realtime Game Character Art
  • 3D/Realtime Game Environment Art
  • 3D/Pre-rendered Character Art
  • 3D/Pre-rendered Digital Matte Painting

All submissions will only be judged after all the challenges have ended.

Professional Hosts / Feedback

We got a ton of feedback from the challenges we ran in 2016. And while they were overwhelmingly positive, the clear feedback was that we needed more critiques. People were submitting WIP to the challenges and didn’t feel that they were getting enough crits from each other.

We’re trying something new this time round, and actually hiring professional artists to host the challenges. We’ll be announcing them on Feb 13th too. These hosts are there for you. If you post a WIP, they’ll be giving you feedback and giving encouragement.

Mark your calendars

So don’t forget to mark your calendars for February 13th to register and take part in some friendly competition, improve your skills and join in on the fun!

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