Maximizing images on ArtStation

Our philosophy at ArtStation is to try to make things as simple as possible for artists. When users upload images onto ArtStation, we make it so that it fits within the screen viewport for end users so that the image is not cropped by the screen. This is overwhelmingly how people want to view artwork on ArtStation, as images that are maximized force viewers to have to scroll to see the artwork and the entirety of the image never fits on the screen.

Some artists, however, want to maximize their images. “Damn the users viewing my artwork! I want them to see the details!” There are also some legitimate cases when a user has an extremely tall image, such as when posting process steps in a single image.

Don’t split your images!

Unfortunately, artists have tried to get around the problem by splitting their artwork into smaller horizontal images. This is actually quite bad. The artwork is split visually, and it wrecks things such as social media sharing and viewing on the Chrome Extension as ArtStation takes the top image to display, so it ends up only sharing a small strip in the image.

Don’t split your images. You now have the option to maximize the images.
Artwork by Vincent Dromart (who has since fixed this! Thanks Vincent!)

New Feature – Maximize Width

When uploading artwork, you can now specify how you want the image to be displayed. By default, it will fit in viewport (this is the recommended setting), but you can select “Maximize width” to make it show at full width. When maximized, images will fill the horizontal width. This means that your artwork won’t fit in the viewport and users will have to scroll, but at least you now have the control to decide how you wish to display the artwork. This affects the display of the artwork both on and your ArtStation-powered website.

When uploading artwork, you can now specify how you want the image to fit.

Maximized, the image now fills in the entire viewport. Viewers are forced to scroll as the image no longer fits in view. Although overwhelmingly, people want to view the entire piece in the viewport, we leave it up to you to decide how you want to showcase your images.

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