The Foundry Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenge Winners

The Foundry and ArtStation teamed up to give the community the opportunity to Test Drive MODO and MARI and compete for spectacular prizes in The Foundry’s Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenge! The vehicle-based challenge asked entrants to imagine a “Classic Ride in 2055” before they modeled it in MODO, and textured it in MARI.

We’re very pleased to announce the winners for The Foundry’s Test Drive MODO and Test Drive MARI Challenges as judged by Scott Robertson (Scott Robertson Design), Khyzyl Saleem (EA Ghost Games), Davison Carvalho (Ready At Dawn), Nick Gindraux (Naughty Dog), Adam Middleton (Weta Workshop), Yibing Jiang (Naughty Dog), Greg Brown (The Foundry Creative Specialist) and Martin Mayer (The Foundry Creative Specialist). The Foundry community also judged The Foundry’s Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenge from a shortlist of six entries from both challenges.

We would like to thank the Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenge sponsors The FoundryWacom and Pluralsight for their continued support, and amazing prizes.

Big thanks also go out to The Foundry team for making the challenge possible including Greg Brown, Martin Mayer, Vincent Teule and Rosie Burgess. We would also like to thank Anki for sharing the Harald Belker-designed model from one of their games for the MARI competition, and 3dnv, Alshak and Lassen from The Foundry Community for preparing the model assets.

Congratulations to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the Test Drive MODO, Test Drive MARI and publicly judged Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenge!

The Foundry Test Drive MODO Challenge Winners

Test Drive MODO Challenge 1st Place Winner: Juan Miya


“This is my first contest in the Artstation community so I am really gratefull for this opportunity, I really cant believe it. I used Modo some years ago when I was working in a design studio, but I am completely new to Mari. Working with Modo again was incredible fun, and learning the basics of Mari in such a short time has been a great experience. There were great designs in this contest, so winning is an incredible honour. Thanks again to The Foundry and ArtStation for this great learning experience. I will now try to become more proficient using this superb software, and try to make my work greater.”

Juan will receive the following prizes for his first prize-winning submission:



Test Drive MODO Challenge 2nd Place Winner: Sebas Gomez


Test Drive MODO Challenge 3rd Place Winner: Mathew O


The Foundry Test Drive MARI Challenge Winners
Test Drive MARI Challenge 1st Place Winner: Adam Elkins


“I’d like to thank ArtStation and The Foundry for putting the challenge together. It was tough going, especially working evenings and weekends to complete my submission, but it was all worth it. I’d also like to thank the ArtStation community who are incredibly talented and also amazingly friendly and encouraging. There was a high standard of submissions and I’m very happy to be chosen. It’s given me a boost in motivation and I hope to be working on my own artworks in the near future. Once again thanks to everyone involved.”

Adam will receive the following prizes for his first prize-winning submission:


Test Drive MARI Challenge 2nd Place Winner: Juan Miya


Test Drive MARI Challenge 3rd Place Winner: David Österlind


The Foundry Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenge Public Vote Winners
Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenge Public Vote 1st Place Winner: Mathew O


“When I saw the challenge I was excited to step out of my comfort zone and come up with my own design. The feedback and help from the other competitors really pushed me to build something that I feel quite proud of. I can’t believe I came this far to be honest. The support on Facebook and ArtStation has been incredible and so humbling. A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me, it means so much <3”

Mathew will receive the following prizes for his first prize-winning submission:


Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenge Public Vote 1st Place Winner: Alejandro Castiblanco


Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenge Public Vote 3rd Place Winner: Juan Miya


Thanks again to everyone who participated in the The Foundry Test Drive MODO & MARI Challenges and please check out all of the Test Drive MODO and Test Drive MARI submissions!

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