THU TV Volume 2 is here!

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) is the premier art event for the year with the biggest names from game, film and publishing converging on Tróia for a solid week of inspiration-overload and connection. The event is streamed to the world as it happens if you have a THU TV subscription, and what’s most amazing is that while the conference is in full swing, the THU team is also producing several series of shows that only subscribers to THU TV can enjoy. Think of it as “Netflix for Artists” with series on most aspects of working and thriving in the industry.

THU TV Volume 2 provides incredible value with many tens of hours of inspirational speakers, industry talks, creative series with leading artists, and the new CoLabs challenge that follows 40 artists through the experience of creating a project on a 3-day deadline. For €100 you can start watching these amazing videos, and return to them again and again to extract every hard-won lesson from artists who have walked the path.

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More series including Sketchbook, Beyond the Canvas, Speed Painting Lab, Speed Sculpting Lab, Perfect Square and How I Got Here will be released in coming months, providing art content that nobody else in the world is creating. THU TV is the perfect introduction to Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, and you’ll become a member of the Tribe once you immerse yourself in a new type of learning focusing on the why.



Inspirational Talks

There’s a reason that artists come away from THU on an inspiration high, and that is because there are an extraordinary number of world-class artists who speak honestly about their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned. THU TV Volume 2 includes talks from:
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War Stories

Artists are storytellers, and artists working in the film and game industries have some entertaining and instructive stories on navigating the maze of money vs art. THU War Stories delves into the memorable battles for leading artists and draw out the lessons and directions that our industries are moving in.



(Where we’re going, we don’t need any) Roads

This series, a take on presenter Scott Ross’ involvement with Back to the Future, matches two leaders in their respective fields and finds the common experiences that run through the creative process, and teases out lessons that may influence industry development. Whether it’s technical processes, or people-based challenges, the speakers bring their personal experiences and their take on ways to move the industry forward.




This year Andre and his team took THU TV to an entirely new level with a new concept called CoLabs which aimed to simulate a real world creative work environment with the task of bringing an idea for a movie, game or animation to life as a team. Under the supervision of Eduardo Gonzalez, an Art Director at Riot Games and head of the Co-Labs at THU, 40 attendees were divided into 5 teams, balanced in a way to include different sets of skills in each. They had only a few days to build a creative project from scratch testing artists’ leadership, teamwork, and decision-making under pressure and with cameras running.

Each team was mentored by two Knights including Moby Francke, David Lesperance, Eric Canette, Justin “Goby” Fields, Devon Fay, Mike Azevedo, Nick Carver, Geoffrey Ernault, Christian Alzmann, Ben Mauro! The CoLabs show will be released on January 6th, 2017, and will be unmissable viewing.

About the author

Daniel is the Industry Manager for ArtStation.