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Jon Schindehette, owner of ArtOrder, is hosting a Kickstarter campaign to produce The Journal art book. The book has been two years in the making, starting from a dream to bring together a collection of masters of modern imaginative art, and an art book that will give you an insight into their creative process. The list of artists involved in this project ranges from tried-and-true industry veterans to upstart young guns across genres, styles and countries. Only their art speaks for them—interwoven with who they are and the stories they are telling.

“The opportunity arose to share my dream with Iain McCaig, who further inspired a drive for bigger and better project ideas”, explains Schindehette. “The ideas continued to flourish when Barron Storey and I spent a day digging through his journals, leaving me amazed at how he captured himself in his words and worlds.”

Inspired by Barron, the theme follows an unguided and uncensored insight into the artists’ approach to their piece. Every artist is going to create a double page spread, for which they are given complete artistic and creative freedom, in order to bring closer their creation and thought process for their work. The Journal has everything from full illustrations, concept art, to sketch book and style explorations, to collages and mindful essays—a true and open expression of each participant. A unique and exotic mix of flavors and stories, just like the artists themselves.

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Words and Art by James Gurney


John Harris



Below is the list of artists that have committed to participating so far, and there are more to be announced.




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