ArtStation Challenges Launched!


We’re pleased to be launching the ArtStation Challenges, an exciting new platform for online art competitions. ArtStation Challenges enable artists to improve their skills and compete in the spirit of community-based learning.

We’ve gone all out and purpose-built a competition platform like no other.

Dedicated system for challenges

We set out to build a challenge platform from the ground up tailored to the needs of our industry. Artists can post work in progress for feedback, publish 3D files via Sketchfab and Marmoset, and even live stream via Twitch.


Live Twitch streaming

We’ve partnered with Twitch Creative to bring live streaming to ArtStation. As you work on your submissions, stream to Twitch and have that stream show up on ArtStation for maximum impact. Imagine challenges where you’ll be able to see competitors all working on their entries live. Learn more about how to stream with Twitch to ArtStation here.

The Journey – 6 Challenges

To celebrate this new beginning, we are launching with a theme of undertaking an epic journey. The challenge theme is “The Journey”. We want you to create an entry that shows the start of an epic journey — a grand undertaking, or a first step into the unknown.

ArtStation challenges are hosted by prominent artists and art directors. For The Journey, James Paick (Brainstorm School) and Justin Fields (Ironklad Studios) are hosting the challenges alongside ArtStation staff. James will primarily be hosting the 2D categories, and Justin the 3D categories.

We have six challenges available for you to participate in:

  • 2D Character Art
  • 2D Environment Art
  • 2D Transport Art
  • 3D Character Art
  • 3D Environment Art
  • 3D Transport Art

Check out The Journey challenges here.

Community Spirit

The spirit of the ArtStation Challenges is to foster community-based learning and to celebrate artists’ achievements. This really is about community. We want you to get involved in the community. Upload your work in progress, comment on each other’s work and encourage each other in the spirit of learning and improvement.

ArtStation Challenge Awards

To go with the Challenges, we’re also announcing the ArtStation Challenge Awards. This is a virtual award presented to winners of the challenges. The award is designed by Ivan Santic.

Each challenge will have 3 winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place), plus honourable mentions. Winners will receive a certificate, a letter of commendation for winning in an international competition (highly valuable for artists applying for international work visas), an ArtStation award graphic on their ArtStation profiles and a ton of exposure on ArtStation.


Join the Challenge

We invite you to join us in this remarkable first step. The future of online art competitions is here, and we’re looking forward to seeing your work! The Journey Challenge

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Leo is the CEO of ArtStation.