Sketchfab adds animation and VR to its 3D player!

Sketchfab has been very busy in the last month! It opened up animation support to all users in December, passed 500,000 models on Sketchfab, and has just added VR to the Sketchfab 3D player!

Animation for everyone

Sketchfab supports different types of animations, such as skeleton-based animation (model rigged with bones), solid animation (translation, scale, rotation), and morph targets (great for animating faces). Each model can contain different animation tracks and loop modes, and users can switch between them while viewing your model.

Sketchfab goes VR

Sketchfab now works with Google Cardboard and they’re planning to expand VR support to all major headsets, with the next being the Oculus. According to co-founder/CEO Alban Denoyel “The navigation itself needs a lot of work, to be as natural and seamless as possible. We’re also working to create better content categories, and a better browsing experience for VR.”


If you have Google Cardboard, you can check out Sketchfab VR right now!

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