An Evening with Blur Studio—Demo Reels, Interviews & Industry Realities

Gnomon School of Visual Effects recently featured An Evening with Blur Studio—Demo Reels, Interviews & Industry Realities hosted by leading members and supervisors from the award-winning production company, Blur Studio.

Known for its artistic excellence across live-action, animation, visual effects and design, Blur Studio’s top talents provided perspective and advice on life and work in the animation and CG industries. The group discussed the art of crafting noteworthy demo reels that stand out, and offered sage advice on making the right first impressions, and also opened up to audience questions.

Located in Culver City, California, Blur Studio’s clients include Apple, HBO, Disney, EA, Netflix, 2K Games, LucasArts, Sony Pictures, and many more. The studio is well-known for producing first-class video game trailers and cinematics, blockbuster film title sequences, high-end commercials, as well as bespoke graphics.

To learn from some of the best in the industry you can watch the full event on the Gnomon Lifestream channel.

Watch the livestream of  An Evening with Blur Studio—Demo Reels, Interviews & Industry Realities

Guest Speakers


Jerome Denjean

Head of CG
Jerome Denjean joined Blur Studio in 2003 as a Character Modeler and Lighter/Compositor and worked his way up to Senior CG Supervisor for dozens of game cinematics, commercials, and film effects projects. Some of his most notable projects include Warhammer Online and Halo 2: Anniversary edition game cinematics, as well as the opening credits for David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Jerome became Head of CG in 2014 and now oversees the department heads and supervisors.



Warren Grub

Head of Animation
Warren Grub originally worked at Fathom Studios in Atlanta, where he contributed to many commercials and films in a variety of production/directing roles. In 2010, Warren moved to Blur Studio as Animation Supervisor, working on projects like David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo main title sequence, and The Amazing Spiderman, as well as cinematic promotions for the likes of The Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars: Fallen Empire. Warren is now Head of Animation at Blur Studio.



Monica Haley

HR & Recruiting Manager
Monica Haley is Blur’s Manager of Human Resources and Recruiting. Before joining the studio in 2013, Monica worked in various production and recruiting roles in games, software, commercial, TV, documentary, and feature film projects, for several large studios. During this time she was able to connect with a large network of people in the CG world. Monica handles all aspects of hiring employees, handling personnel issues, planning project staffing, and conducting performance reviews.



Brandon Riza

FX Supervisor
Brandon Riza is a self-taught 3D visual effects specialist, who has been working in the field of CG since 1996. He enjoys working with visual effects because it satisfies his desire to turn numbers into impressive visuals. Obsessed with HDR images, Brandon will regularly go as far as to climb mountains to shoot technically oriented photographs. He has worked on many projects at Blur Studio during his time as an FX Supervisor.

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