Get Back-to-School-Ready With This Upcoming ArtStation Event!

Student artwork by Andrew White

Prepare for the school year with help from ArtStation’s Back to School event happening from September 26-28. This three-day event is the perfect time to polish your artist portfolio.

Get ready for ArtStation Back to School by:

1. Linking your ArtStation account to your school

By linking your ArtStation account to your school’s ArtStation profile, you’ll increase your visibility with recruiters looking for new graduates. To link your account, first find your school in the ArtStation Schools directory here.

When on your school’s “About” page, click the Request to be added button. Once approved, your account will be linked to the school, allowing you to tag your portfolio projects as schoolwork.

Don’t see your school? Ask your school’s administrators to set up a school account on ArtStation!

2. Uploading your latest portfolio projects

ArtStation Back to School is the perfect time to update your portfolio to be ready for recruiters.

3. Joining our student-focused Q&A on September 28th

For ArtStation’s Back to School Event 2023, Jason Keyser, former senior FX artist at Riot Games, current ArtStation challenge host, and founder of VFX Apprentice, will be hosting a live text-based Q&A on ArtStation Blogs. This is an exciting opportunity for junior and student artists to learn more about the creative industry and opportunities in VFX. Join on Thursday, September 28th, at 12 noon ET.

Thank you to our ArtStation Back to School event sponsor AMD

AMD understands that Environmental Sustainability is a crucial concern for students worldwide. They are committed to combining high-performance computing with the potential to make a positive impact on our planet. This year, they’re thrilled to present the 2023 AMD Design Award, tailored especially for students and aspiring artists. Join the AMD Design Award 2023 and ignite your creative spark for a sustainable future!

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