Comic Art Profile: Patrick Gleason

Patrick Gleason is a former comic book store employee turned writer, artist, and New York Times Best Seller.

With 20 years of experience in the comic industry, he is known for his work on Superman, Supersons, Robin Son of Batman, Amazing Spiderman, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern Corps, Aquaman, and Justice League of America.

Cover and promo art created for Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man

#1 Comic Art Tip:

“Be the kind of professional you would want to hire. Then, do the work every day and have fun doing it!”

Glory Days: Cap’s Pledge: Captain America. Written and illustrated for Marvel’s 80th anniversary. Published in Marvel #1000.

Fun Fact # 1:

When he’s not working for clients or himself in the studio, he’s hanging with his wife, kids, cats, and chickens.

Batman’s Last Laugh: Artwork created for DC Comic’s Batman and Robin.

Fun Fact #2:

Patrick enjoys seeing his work used in different styles across all mediums and formats. His character designs have been used in toys, games, packaging, clothing, advertising, animation, and feature film.

Amazing Spider-Man 50 cover

Fun Fact #3:

Patrick is always looking for the next challenge and the amazing people to work with who make it possible.

Sons of Batman: Created for Detective Comics #1000

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