Master Mocap Animation Editing with 35 Real-World Lessons in iClone

Motion capture is revolutionizing the entire animation industry.

The creation of 3D animations involves two major approaches: hand-key animations crafted by senior animators, as seen in DreamWorks or Disney, or the utilization of motion capture to record real-life performers. In the realm of mocap performance, the animation industry has experienced a significant transformation with the introduction of affordable capture devices tailored for both studios and independent creators. AI technology has also spurred substantial growth in cloud animation services, enabling users to convert regular videos into 3D animation data.

Although motion capture, video generation, or blending with pre-made motion capture files can achieve naturalistic performances, studios still face the arduous task of refining motion data for their final productions. This process requires expensive software like Motion Builder and can consume up to 80% of the production time. The quality of the output can also vary based on data sources and the animator’s skill level.

Fortunately, iClone 8 simplifies the complexities of motion correction, clip blending, motion layer editing, gesture control, and object interaction. With its powerful round-trip FBX workflow, collaboration across different software platforms becomes effortless and enjoyable.

Elevate mocap editing skills with 36 lessons for free

Put to the test by thousands of real-world mocap scenarios (found in ActorCore), iClone continues to demonstrate its prowess in refining raw animation data across all genres for all types of mocap facilities. However, the mocap industry has long lacked a comprehensive and well-structured educational resource. Rising to the challenge, Reallusion now presents an extensive collection of 36 free training videos, covering every aspect of mocap production from start to finish.

The “Mocap Correction” section comprises 15 lessons, addressing common queries such as importing motion from renowned vendors, incorporating custom-rigged motions, and more.

In the face of imperfect and subpar mocap data, animators need not worry: this crash course equips them with the necessary tools to overcome such challenges.

The “Animation Editing” section focuses on seamlessly blending premade animation clips, making alterations, and integrating them into desired scenarios. With 9 practical examples provided by iClone, creators can effectively bring their stories to life.

The “Accurate Interaction” section comprises 12 lessons, providing users with the knowledge to harness precise physics simulations and achieve lifelike prop interactions.

iClone users can explore this groundbreaking course to reinforce their existing knowledge and discover new tricks to enhance their animation skills. Those who are new to iClone but have experience with Maya and MotionBuilder should give iClone a try to experience the same high-quality results with unparalleled speed and convenience. And that’s not all! Users of Maya and MotionBuilder can take advantage of the exclusive Welcome Offer to dive straight in and explore the endless possibilities awaiting them.

Overcome the challenges in mocap production with Reallusion’s free course and see why iClone 8 has become the tour de force of motion editing.

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