ArtStation Masterclasses Instructor Spotlight Interview: Jana Schirmer


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ArtStation Masterclass instructor Jana Schirmer is a self-taught German artist and illustrator who has created work for studios like Riot Games, Marvel Comics, Obsidian and Applibot.

Masterclass – 2D Fantasy Illustration

Taking you through her complete process, Jana will begin at the sketch phase and go through her preparation, lighting and rendering of her illustration in Photoshop.

Tell us about one of your most valuable learning experiences.

I was relieved to learn that all artists that I know, no matter how good they are, go through some kind of artistic struggle. That showed me everyone goes through the same problems and we just have to push through it.

 What’s one trick you use that you’ll be demonstrating in your course?

I’ll be showing how I use the mixer brush to create vivid looking branches.

Tell us about one of your favorite projects.

Sometimes I get booked for face exploration and that’s the most fun to me since I love doing portraits from life or from imagination.

Game illustration is one of the most competitive jobs in the industry. Besides having good technique, what do you think are crucial skills to be successful?

I think good communication with the client is key as well.  Also, being able to take feedback the right way and to deliver your work on time.

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