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4 artworks by Eva Mateo Fábregas

Learning Process – Lighting and Compositing

by Eva Mateo Fábregas

In this post, artist Eva Mateo Fábregas takes a look back at five years of her lighting and compositing work. See how Eva’s—and your own—learning can evolve over time!

Today I would like to share with you the evolution of my learning in render, lighting & composting to feel motivated in your process.

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Different face expressions for Ellie from Sprite Fright

Meet Ellie

by Julien Kaspar

On his ArtStation Blogs page, Julien Kaspar with the Blender Institute reviews the creation process for the characters of Sprite Fright, Blender Studio’s 13th open movie.

The main character of our short film Sprite Fright is called Ellie. Without a doubt she is the one that went through the most amount of changes (story and design) during the pre-production.

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3D sculpt and renders for a robot character in ALMA

Producing ‘ALMA’ | Breakdown

by Manos Zervoudakis 

ALMA is an award-winning, master’s student, 3D animated short film. It was produced within eighteen weeks, entirely remotely, at Escape Studios in London. This post from Manos Zervoudakis dives into the project’s sketches, character rig development, color scripts, and more.

Overall, this was an incredible learning opportunity for me as I am not only learning from what I am doing but also from the leads in each department.

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Thumbnail from Lucas Ridley's post

Is Animation The Right Career For You?

by Lucas Ridley

Senior Animator and Animator’s Journey instructor Lucas Ridley talks about some of the factors one should consider when deciding whether or not to pursue an animation career.

Once you commit to a career in animation you want to make sure you like doing it well enough that even when you don’t want to do it you’re willing to show up and put in the hours.

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Cartoon of a film crew recording a cat

So, You Want to be a 3D Animator?

by MLC

Rob Munday, Lead Animator at MaxLouisCreative, discusses his love for 3D and offers some valuable tips and tricks for those looking to excel in 3D animation.

Pay attention to how people move, walk, hold themselves…You’ll start to build up a mental database of what people do. It is these details that will breathe life into an animation, that takes it from a good animation into an amazing one.

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Thumbnails for Animation Week 2022 Q&A sessions

Animation Week 2022 Q&A Sessions

By Squeeze Animation Studios, Nikie Monteleone, Sava Zivkovic

If you missed participating in our Animation Week Q&As live, don’t worry! You can still visit the event pages on ArtStation Blogs to read the advice of our three animation industry expert hosts.

Q&A with Marie-Ève Bertrand from Squeeze Animation Studios >

Q&A with Nikie Monteleone >

Q&A with Sava Zivkovic >

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