Plug Into These 5 VR & AR Blog Posts

During our first-ever VR & AR Week event on ArtStation, we’ve had the pleasure of highlighting many inspiring artists and projects—and we’re not done yet!

Talented ArtStation community members are showcasing their VR & AR work on ArtStation Blogs. In this article, we’ve rounded up five of their must-read posts.

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Tips for Easy and Affordable 3D Scanning

by Efflam Mercier

Efflam Mercier’s article aims to get you up to speed on the latest developments in 3D scanning so that you can reliably output the meshes you need.

Let’s help you capture the ideal dataset, whatever hardware you have.

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Process gif showing the VR to 2D workflow of Junglecrow Studio's project

Production: Composition & Painting

by Junglecrow Studio

In this project breakdown, Junglecrow Studio takes you through their process for creating the illustrations in their book KIN – Mycocene.

Thanks to the various 3D assets created during preproduction, we knew that it would be faster to lay the basis for each illustration in 3D. We used VR tools—Adobe Medium or Gravity Sketch (both on Oculus)—and Blender, adapting to what we had to depict and the preexisting assets available.

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Building The Future Garden

by Heather Dunaway Smith

For ArtStation VR & AR Week, we asked Heather to lead you through her process for creating The Future Garden, a mini-game designed for AR glasses. 

Set in a parallel dimension, The Future Garden is a delightful and surprising place where all of tomorrow’s ideas are born. The Future Garden uses a series of super cutting-edge technologies, including 3D hand tracking, VoiceML, single plane tracking, and real-time physics.

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Kitbashing in VR/Gravity Sketch

by Min Guen 

In addition to a process video, Min Guen’s post also includes tips and tricks for making your own kitbash project.

This is the process of how I use the parts from our recently launched BigMediumSmall 3D asset pack “Mech Squad” to kitbash a mech in Gravity Sketch VR.  

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VR & AR Week Q&A With Leon Tukker

by Leon Tukker 

If you missed Leon Tukker’s live Q&A event during VR & AR Week, don’t worry! Head to his post on ArtStation Blogs to review his replies. Leon Tukker is a freelance concept artist based in The Netherlands. He currently works for Wizards of the Coast as part of the Magic the Gathering concept art team. In his work he often uses VR, including the Oculus Quest 2 and Gravity Sketch.

I literally use VR for everything, every day. Do I need to design a plant? Easy, a car? Fine. A gigantic building? A flying ship? Sure! VR can be used for everything.

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