10 Resources for Making Ocean Scenes

Take the plunge into your next ocean-themed project with this list of 10 resources on the ArtStation Marketplace for building ocean scenes.
open blue sky and ocean

UE4 VFX Ocean Material Tutorial

by Tyler Smith

Tyler shows how to create an ocean material from scratch with a combination of texture creation in ZBrush, Photoshop, and UE4’s material editor. Learn to create meshes and textures using a combination of photobashing, sculpting, and painting. Set up a master material in UE4, and finish the project by assembling it with flexible material instances for changing the look of the ocean on the fly.

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shot of foamy sea surface

Chris Hodgson’s Substance Collection Vol. 01

by Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson’s Substance collection contains materials perfect for an ocean scene, including sea foam, rock, and sand.

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rocky islands jot a calm watery horizon

Pirate Island Material – 100% Substance Designer

by Emrecan Cubukcu

This Substance Designer asset allows you to wrap parameters for topology, change sea level and depth, edit water opacity, and tweak foam intensity. You can also adjust rocks, shorelines, and foliage.

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close up of realistic rocky biome

Advanced SBS Graph Biotope

by Tom Jacobs

This 100% Substance Designer-made biotope comes with fish, twigs, water, mud, and stones. It also comes with a bonus round beach pebble material!

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demonstration of ZBrush brushes

ZBrush – Sea Creatures VDM Brush

by Nicolas Swijngedau

Looking to make something that lives under the waves? This ZBrush pack includes 40 hand-sculpted aquatic creature detail brushes all contained within one Multi-Alpha brush. Find scales, fins, fills, and anything else you need for your creatures of the deep!

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title card for the Underwater Brush Set

Underwater Brush Set

by Zsolt Kosa

These 100 unique, photo-based Photoshop brushes are perfect for sketches, illustration bases, concept art, and matte paintings.

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overview of the Sea Landscapes / PSD pack

Sea Landscapes PSDs

by Anton Fadeev

Anton’s Photoshop bundle is perfect for breaking down the digital painting process and for getting your own projects jump-started.

overview of the Lisbon Oceanarium pack

Oceanarium in Lisbon | Portugal

by Artur Sadlos

This set includes 145 reference photos taken in the Lisbon Oceanarium (Portugal) that can be used as reference material in concept design, illustration, and any kind of image creation for personal or commercial use.

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overview images of sand texturesTexture Photo Pack: Sand

by Nomad Photo Reference

In this texture photo pack you’ll find different kinds of sand from French and South-Korean beaches.

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title card for the waves pack

Waves Pack

by Gaëlle Seguillon

The Waves Pack includes turquoise waves shot at golden light and sunset on a volcanic shore. Perfect for photobashing!

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