Marketplace Updates: Reduced Fees, Bundles, 100% Coupons

The ArtStation Marketplace has become artists’ go-to place for resources that are made for artists, by artists. We’ve recently made some major changes that we know both sellers and buyers will love.

Reduced Fees

As part of ArtStation’s recent announcement in joining the Epic Games family, we’ve massively increased the earning potential of sellers. We’re dropping our standard fees from 30% to only 12%. For Pro members, the fee reduces from 20% to 8% and 5% for self-promoted sales.

To get a better idea of the new ArtStation Marketplace fees, check out the Earnings Calculator.


Offer more value to customers looking for convenience or deals with new product bundles.  This new release enables sellers to easily combine existing products and package them into discounted bundles so buyers can save when they buy more.

A new featured section has been added to the Marketplace to make bundles easily discoverable. Buyers that already own one of the products in the bundle will still be able to purchase the rest of the products in the bundle at a discounted price, without being double charged for the product they already have.

Browse Bundles > 

To create a bundle, go to the Manage Digital Products section of your Seller Profile and select Create a Bundle, then choose which products to include in the bundle. Since the bundle is made up of multiple products, you’ll need to have uploaded the digital products that will be included before creating the bundle.

Create a Bundle

100% Coupons

The Marketplace coupon feature just got better! The latest update enables sellers to create coupons that give buyers 100% off. This release makes it possible for sellers to gift or reward customers with a way to get a paid product for free.

Create Marketplace Coupons

The ability to create Marketplace coupons and bundles is exclusively available to ArtStation Pro or Studio members. To gain access to more exclusive seller benefits and features, upgrade now.

For more information on Marketplace features, visit the ArtStation Help Center.


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