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ArtStation Learning makes it easy to learn new Unreal Engine skills! Whether you’re looking to level up your abilities in environment design or pick up new materials expertise, this list of seven courses & series has you covered.

Building a Cinematic Environment with UE4

by Peter Tran

Peter Tran walks through his process for building a cinematic environment with UE4. He covers in-depth topics such as composition and lighting to build an impressive establishing shot.

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Advanced UE4 Shaders

by Kurt Kupser

In this series, Kurt Kupser demonstrates advanced shader techniques used in AAA production. This includes key pipeline skills such as detail normals, correctly handling refraction, and effective ways to achieve translucency.

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Creating Archviz in Unreal Engine

by Wessel Huizenga

Wessel Huizenga discusses how game engines have impacted the architectural visualization industry. The course showcases his personal workflow he has developed over the years and covers the use of Blender for creating 3D assets, setting up photorealistic lighting, and his use of procedural materials to quickly make changes within an Unreal Engine scene.

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Creating Materials in Unreal Engine

by Kem Yaralioglu

In this five-part series, Kem Yaralioglu breaks down his process for creating master materials, terrain shaders, and advanced materials in Unreal Engine. With the help of Material Functions, each shader is fully scalable, allowing the artist to build upon the foundation that they create throughout production.

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Understanding Game Environment Staging and Composition

by Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith walks through the process of building spaces for different types of gameplay, whether as an illustrative backdrop for a side scroller or a fully interactive 3D space for 1st or 3rd person action. Working in Unreal Engine, Tyler discusses how to use space, shape, composition, lighting, and color to create a visually appealing environment that is critical to making a game world fun and engaging.

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Creating a Sci-Fi Hallway in Unreal Engine 4

Part 6 of the Creating a Modular Sci-Fi Environment Using Substance Designer series

by Javier Perez

In the 6-part series Creating a Modular Sci-Fi Environment Using Substance Designer, Javier Perez guides students on the philosophies and approaches of creating a modular sci-fi hallway environment inside of Substance Designer. In the final course of the series, Javier demonstrates how he uses all of his previous materials to create the final environment in Unreal Engine 4.

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Materials in UE4

Part 3 of the Creating Temple Walls Using Tileable Materials series

by Tyler Smith

In his three-part series Creating Temple Walls Using Tileable Materials, Tyler Smith breaks down his process for creating a tileable stone temple architecture texture. Consideration is given to shape design, materials, and functional anatomy of architecture, and different techniques for using ZBrush to create forms and elements of detail. The final course in the series covers final implementation in Unreal Engine.

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