Holiday Marketing Tips & Tools to Promote Your Store on ArtStation

ArtStation is proud to be a platform where thousands of artists can earn a living or passive income from the work they create. With the Holiday sale period near, here are a some tips and reminders on ArtStation tools you can use to promote your store and earn more.

Take Part in Global Discounts

ArtStation organizes and promotes large scale global discounts on the ArtStation Marketplace like the Cyber Days Sale. When you opt in to participate in global sales events, you benefit from all the additional traffic and visibility from the promotion.

To take part in Global Discounts, enable them via the Marketing tools section of you Seller Profile. You can even use the customized graphicsgenerated for you to help promote your store.

Set up a Cross-Sale Discount

The newly released Cross-Sell Discount enables Pro sellers to create a special offer for Marketplace buyers that encourages them to add more products to their cart in order to receive a discount.

By setting up a special offer, you’ll also encourage buyers to browse more of the products in your store they may not have seen. Enable Cross-Sell Discounts to add value to your customer’s shopping experience and boost your sales.

Find out more here.

Run Your Own Promotion with a Coupon Code

For times when you want to run your own sale, there are coupon codes. Run your own promotions and blast them out to your followers in a few easy clicks.

To create a coupon, go to Coupons tab in your Marketing Tools. Once on the page, select the “Add Coupon” button and set the percentage value, coupon code, and end date. You can even customize the products the coupon applies to, the usage limit and download a generated promotion image you can easily share.

Maximize Your Earnings with the Affiliate Program

The Affiiliate Program on ArtStation not only enables sellers to earn up to 95% when sharing their self-promtoed link, it also allows the abiity to reward fans or promoting their products.

Fans can earn anywhere from 15 – 80% commission on a product, just for recommending it. FInd out more about how the Affiliate Program works here.

Release a New Product During a Promotion

Whether it’s free or paid, your followers are automatically notified when you add a new product to your store.  While releasing products regularly helps to stay top of mind, releasing a new product during a sale gives buyers an incentive to act quickly.

This can be a helpful tip whether you’re releasing a digital product or a print.

Make Sure the Buyer has All the Info They Need

One of the biggest mistakes Marketplace sellers make when setting up their product description is that they are too vague or leave out a lot of information for what the product includes. A good rule of thumb for your product description is to make sure you state what the product can be used for, who it’s for, how to use it and which software(s) and version it was created in. Include relevant tags and categories to make it easy to find.

Any images, videos or previews you can include also help give the customer more confidence in what they’re buying, making their decision easier.

Stay Connected to Your Audience

Keep in touch with your audience regularly so that they get updates of what you’re working on, when you’re running a special promotion or releasing a new product. Using your ArtStation blog or social media is a great way to get the word out, collect feedback and encourage people to share.

Want more ArtStation Marketplace seller tips? Visit the Help Center or check out some Marketplace Success Stories.

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