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Just in time for the holiday promotion period, ArtStation is happy to announce a new marketing tool for Marketplace sellers to boost their sales volume.

The newly released Cross-Sell Discount enables Pro sellers to create a special offer for buyers that encourages them to add more products to their cart in order to receive a discount. The more they buy, the more they can save.

Setting Up a Cross-Sell Discount

1. Go to the Marketing Tools section of your Seller Profile and toggle on “Enable Marketing Tools” if not already selected.  Then, go to the new “Cross-Sell Discounts” tab.

2.  Fill in the percentage discount you’d like to apply for the promotion. You’ll be asked to set one discount when a buyer has 2 products in the same order and another for if the buyer adds 3 or more products.

Generally, you’ll want to set a higher discount for the products to incentivize buyers to purchase more products.

3. Finally, set the price range of the products you’d the discount offer to apply to. This allows you to exclude some products from the offer or only target a specific set of products.  When you’re done, hit “Save”.

Your discount will appear as a Special Offer to buyers when viewing your product. The discount will only apply to products in your store within the range you set and will not apply to other products in a buyer’s cart from a different seller.

By setting up a special offer, you’ll also encourage buyers to browse more of the products in your store they may not have seen.

Enable Cross-Sell Discounts to add value to your customer’s shopping experience and boost your sales.

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