Headspace: An Evening with Naughty Dog Videos

Main image: a real-time demo of Nathan Drake from Uncharted shown by Naughty Dog senior shading artist Yibing Jiang in her Gnomon presentation. See more art of Nathan Drake in Yibing’s ArtStation gallery.
On June 25th, 2015, Gnomon School of Visual Effects held one of its regular Headspace events with artists from Naughty Dog. The session featured a lot of real-world insights and practical tips from some of the key artists from the Uncharted franchise and The Last of Us.

It’s divided up into three panels, each lasting over an hour. The first, featuring TD Hans Godard, senior shading artist Yibing Jiang and character artist Adam Scott, covers character creation.

The second, on videogame environments, features concept artist Aaron Limonick, environment modeler Adam Littledale and texture artists Anna Cho and Alice Gionchetta.

The last panel, featuring artist Andrew Maximov, technical artist Christophe Desse and dynamics artist Neilan Naicker, covers visual effects for games.

Game Character Creation

Videogame Environments

VFX for Games

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