Feudal Japan – The Shogunate Challenge: Production Phase Now Open

Production artists – it’s go time! It’s now your turn to show us what you can do in the Feudal Japan – The Shogunate Challenge. This is your chance to refine your skills, get some feedback, meet other great artists and have fun!

Join the Challenge

This time around, the challenge is slightly shorter but the briefs have been adjusted to fit the timeline. Like in past challenges, you can choose an entry from the first phase to base your submission on or you can create your own.

Check out the entries from the Concept Phase that just wrapped up for some inspiration:

Keyframe Concept Art

Character Design

Environment Design

Prop Design

Share your Progress

An important part of ArtStation Challenges is posting WIPs so that the judges and viewers can see how you came to your end result and can give feedback along the way.

The official challenge hashtag is #FeudalJapanChallenge. Share your progress with us and others using the hashtag when you post updates on your other social media.

Enter the Challenge

Game Character Art (Real-Time)

Film/VFX Art (Rendered)

Prop Art (Rendered)

Game Environment/Level Art

Past Winners’ Interviews

Not sure where to start? Get advice from the winners of previous ArtStation Community Challenges > 


The production challenges begin today on Monday 15th October 2018 and the entry deadlines will be Monday 3rd December 2018.

Remember that in order to submit your entry – you must finalize it before the Challenge ends!

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