ArtStation Jam: Once Upon a Time

Introducing the first #ArtStationJAM – a fun community activity that’ll inspire you to create fresh artwork for your portfolio and explore new themes.

ArtStation Jams will challenge artists to step out of your comfort zone with open-ended prompts that you are free to interpret any way you like. We’ll give you a theme, you do the rest.


The theme of the first ArtStation Jam is Once Upon a Time. We’re inviting participants to create artwork based on a classic fairytale. For inspiration and reference, read fairytales by The Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen.

How It Works

Create an original artwork of your choice based on the theme. For this Jam, all mediums are acceptable so feel free to get creative. We want to see your environments, characters, concepts, sculptures, storyboards, animations, watercolor drawings – you get the idea.

Post your project on ArtStation and tag it with #ArtStationJAM and #OnceUponaTimeJam so everyone can see your creations. If you share on social media, mention or tag us on Instagram and Twitter (@artstationhq) so we can share your work too!


Since the goal is to create a portfolio piece and engage with the community, you are welcome to collaborate with other artists on your project as long as everyone who contributed is credited to the post.

Posting on the Marketplace or ArtStation Prints:

We encourage you to make your beautiful creations available as ArtStation Prints or the Marketplace where appropriate. However, artwork based on existing IPs are not eligible to be sold. These will be taken down for copyright infringement. Because of this, we encourage you to create original artwork as part of the challenge.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

See the entries for the Once Upon a Time Jam so far here.

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