SSL Support now available for free on ArtStation Pro websites

We’ve made another major release on ArtStation Pro, enabling Pro account users with 3rd party domain names pointing to ArtStation to have SSL encryption. For example, your website can now be accessed securely using

SSL is now enabled on all ArtStation Pro accounts with 3rd party domain names.

Usually, users have to purchase an SSL certificate in addition to their domain name, which can cost anywhere from $90 per year upwards and is complex to set up. On ArtStation, it’s super easy. Once you’ve added your domain name to ArtStation Pro, it will automatically verify the domain name and add SSL support. You don’t have to do anything else. It’s free and included in your ArtStation Pro subscription.

ArtStation Pro

ArtStation already offers members an incredibly easy way to set up a portfolio website for free. What you post to ArtStation automatically shows on your website.

ArtStation Pro members get a supercharged account, enabling custom domain names, password protected pages, Pro themes, larger Marmoset 3D Viewer uploads, listings at the top of searches and more!

For more information, check out ArtStation Pro.

Domain name purchasing soon

Soon we’ll be enabling Pro members to purchase domain names from within ArtStation itself.

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