What’s New on ArtStation Learning – 4/05/21

Get ready to discover two new exciting ArtStation Learning courses from THU TV, along with this week’s #ArtStationLearning artwork highlight!

Line of Sight: Portraiture with Ian Spriggs


3D Character Artist Ian Spriggs dives into the art of portraiture in this comprehensive talk. This presentation covers portraiture masters from both early and modern-day art history, helping viewers build an understanding of what it means to create a portrait. Ian also provides examples from his own work, letting viewers see where story and influence combine in the creation of a portrait.

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Flowers for Frankenstein: Concept Art Insights with Mark 'Crash' McCreery

Flowers for Frankenstein: Concept Art Insights with Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery


Concept Artist and Creature Designer Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery shares stories from his career, including his work with Stan Winston. See Crash’s behind-the-scenes concept art for Pirates of the CaribbeanRango, and more.

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#ArtStationLearning Highlight

Artwork by Kenneth Dewandeleer, based on Javier Perez‘s ArtStation Learning series, “Creating a Modular Sci-Fi Environment Using Substance Designer“. Says Kenneth:

A small corridor on a rescue spaceship. I learned a lot by following his workflow. I am ready for my next sci-fi environment!

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