Generating Colored Sketches from Chaos in Procreate with Geoffrey Ernault

On ArtStation Learning, concept artist Geoffrey Ernault shows how to generate colored sketches from chaos, starting from a blank page with no ideas in Procreate. This tool will allow you to understand how to use photos to generate ideas, a color palette, and refine the composition in order to have a starting point for a more developed image.

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Geoffrey Ernault is a concept artist and game developer currently working as an indie developer and freelance artist for the entertainment industry. His past clients include Riot Games ( Valorant and other R&D titles), Guerrilla Games (RIGS), as well as MPC and Airship Syndicate.

In this interview, he tells us about his Procreate course and favorite features, his most memorable learning experience and more.

Behind the course:

I first started using Procreate in early 2019 after having received an iPad for my birthday. What an incredible gift! Procreate was the first thing I downloaded, having heard so many good things from it. As with all things, I started learning by watching tutorials and downloading resources. I’m a very visual person so seeing how other people work really helps me get my bearings around a new program.

There are a few different workflows that I usually use on the PC and I hadn’t seen many tutorials about generating ideas from mixed media from a blank canvas on Procreate. After I got a good understanding of the program, I figured that workflow would be a great thing to share with others. I was very happy that this opportunity with ArtStation and Procreate came up.
I’m usually using Photoshop as well so hopefully, watching this tutorial should reassure you that you can do most things you would in Photoshop for concept art in Procreate, with a few added awesome features.

Most memorable learning experience:

The most memorable learning experience of my career was probably moving to England to work at Guerrilla Games, on Rigs.
I was getting my first in-house long term contract, moving to a new country, helping develop products for new tech (PSVR), and at the same time, traveling around for different workshops. That time in my life was really fun and really helped kickstart my career. I learned an incredible amount, whether on the art side or just how to work with people and make games the right way, as well as developing IPs.

One sentence of advice:

My one advice would be to really focus on learning the fundamentals, understanding all the requirements of the job you are aiming to get, and then work on things that you love as much as possible.

It can be easy to try to find shortcuts or make art for others because you see that genre trending online, and end up working on things you don’t care about just to get attention. But, the reality is growing the right way is what’s sustainable in the long run both for your career and your mental health. It’s also very important to surround yourself with people that you can learn from and that will be straightforward with you when giving you feedback. Oh and of course, use references!

Favorite Procreate feature:

Being able to create ellipses and clean curves when making line art without having to change tools is fantastic!
I am more of a painter overall, and Procreate is really changing the way I make art in the best way possible. It just makes drawing line art for hard-surface so much more intuitive and easy.

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See more of Geoffrey’s work here.


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