What’s New on ArtStation Learning – 19/04/2021

Looking for more Substance content after last week‘s course roundup? Read on to discover a new series about creating Substance Designer tools by Bruno Afonseca, as well as a THU TV course offering fine art inspiration.

Creating Substance Designer Tools

by Bruno Afonseca

In this two-part series, Bruno Afonseca shows how to use complex nodes and functions in Substance Designer to build tools from scratch that can be used to speed up your workflow and be distributed to other artists. He also shows how to incorporate Substance Player in your pipeline.

In Part 1, “Intro to Tool Creation & Creating a Tool Using the Pixel Processor“, Bruno shows the basics of tool creation and builds a tool from scratch using the Pixel Processor.


In Part 2, “Building a Tool Using the FX-Map and Using Substance Player“, learn how to build a tool from scratch using the FX-Map, and how to leverage Substance Player to create textures and image sequences.

Drawing Inspiration From Music, Cinema, and More with Ralph Eggleston


This talk by Ralph Eggleston dives into influential works from classic Hollywood cinema, traditional art, classical music, and more. Learn how studying early keyframe, storyboard, previsualization work, and architectural design has helped shape modern animated films like WALL•E today.

Watch it here >

#ArtStationLearning Artwork Highlight

Artwork by Emilia Pitkänen following Javier Benitez‘s ArtStation Learning tutorial, “Simple Steps to Optimize Your Workflow“.

What are you learning?

If you’ve made something inspired by a course or series on ArtStation Learning and want to see it in our regular ArtStation Learning roundups, make sure to tag your work. When uploading your artwork onto your ArtStation portfolio:

  1. Tag your artwork with #ArtStationLearning (all one word)
  2. Link to the course you were inspired by in your artwork’s description.

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