8 ArtStation Marketplace Tutorials for Film & TV Artists

As part of our Film & TV Week celebrations, we’ve created this ArtStation Marketplace roundup with film and television artists in mind. Pre-production, production, and post-production resources are all covered, so you’re sure to find a tutorial to support your creative workflow.

Unreal Engine 5 Introduction to Lighting by JSFILMZ 


Award-winning real-time filmmaker JSFILMZ gives an introduction to Unreal Engine 5’s lighting systems and tools with this video course. Topics covered include static, stationary and dynamic lighting, CPU and GPU lightmass, Lumen, and much more!

Blender Basics + My 3D Cinematic Keyframe Process

by Justin Wentz

Beginner Blender artists, this one’s for you! This video pack by Justin Wentz includes a “Blender Basics” video series with over three hours of beginner software tips, and a three-part video capturing Justin’s creative process behind “Farewell, my Lovely”.

CG 2 Real – Learn the full VFX Workflow

by Cristian Spagnuolo

In this tutorial, you’ll analyze the theory and fundamentals of CG and the techniques used for on-set data capturing to push your 3D skills to the next level. Learn to work with raw CG data, convert/retopologize/re-model your asset, unwrap the UV using the multi UDIM workflow, do texturing/shading/lookdev, and light, render, and produce a final comp of your photo-real quality asset.

Architectural Design for Film

by Nick Stath

Artist Nick Stath shows how he designs an architectural environment for film using both 2D (Procreate) and 3D (Blender) methods. Over 45 minutes of narrated video content are included, along with a 3D paintover timelapse and final concept sketches in JPG format.

“The Art of Creature Design” Unleash Your Creative Potential – In-Depth Tutorial

by Art Talent Studio 

Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of creature design and bring your imagination to life? This comprehensive tutorial on creature creation using ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Maya is here to guide you every step of the way. You’ll learn to transform your ideas into stunning 3D creatures with step-by-step guidance covering everything from reference analysis to final rendering. 

Animal Creation for Film: Tiger 

by Nexttut Education

Do you have problems sculpting realistic animals? If so, try this tutorial by Adrian Krokodil teaching the fundamentals of animal anatomy for artists. Learn the pipeline from sculpting to rendering and pick up new tricks for ZBrush, Maya, Arnold, and Photoshop.

Process: Creature Design for Film

by Anthony Chong Jones

Anthony Chong Jones demonstrates how he creates realistic creature concepts for the film industry in this 60-minute video tutorial. Learn to create a base sculpt, texture, blend color, color correct, and add cinematic touches. 

Pre Production Sketch Tutorial

by Terraform Studios

Finnian MacManus with Terraform Studios takes you through his creative process of designing a blue sky sketch in a narrated, one-hour-long tutorial. Starting with a brief, Finn will explain the 2D techniques he uses on a daily basis to quickly create and realize a concept. Learn how he approaches color, lighting, composition, values, and design theory.

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