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Thumbnail from Environment Art Test. Image of a wood and stone well with vegetation in front of a purple background.

Welcome to another incredible series created by Dekogon Studios for ArtStation Learning! In this new three-part series, you’ll learn how to approach one of the biggest challenges artists entering the industry face: the art test. Environment Art Test instructor Dylan Abernethy shares insights on his creative process, and reviews key points that he looks for in candidates when he sends out these tests.

Watch Environment Art Test Part 1: Understanding the Art Test

In Part 1, “Understanding the Art Test”, Dylan shares a mock art test breakdown so that you can deliver future requests quickly and efficiently.  

New courses will be released weekly, so check back soon for Part 2!

Series Instructor

Dylan Abernethy

Dylan Abernethy

Dylan Abernethy is a Senior Environment Artist working in the games industry with several years of production work and tutorial making under his belt. He has worked on various franchises such as Far Cry, Gears, and multiple unannounced titles. Alongside his studio work, Dylan has enjoyed producing educational content, and contributing to the art community through teaching.

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