You’ll Be Champing at the Bit To Try These Equine Art Resources

These 7 art resources created by members of the ArtStation community will help you level up your understanding of horse anatomy, movement, and fur texture while also speeding up your workflow.

3 views of a 3d horse anatomy model. Different muscle groups are labeled and coloured.

Horse Anatomy Kit

by Farzin Izadyar 

Farzin’s kit was co-created with Mahdi Khouei to reflect accurate horse anatomy. All muscles and bones are labeled for easy reference, making the 3D model an excellent study companion.

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Various angles of a 3d horse skull.

Bones – Horse’s Skull

by Ben Miller 

Sculpted with a focus on anatomical accuracy, Ben’s 3D asset includes upper and lower skull meshes. Both the original sculpting geometry (high poly) and decimated versions are included.

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Side view of a black horse 3d model.

Horses (Stallions) – Game Ready

by Vivern A

Giddy up! Vivern’s resource pack will help your next game get out the gate sooner with its 11 horse skins, various animations, and 2 saddle variations.

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Thumbnail for Mels' asset pack of art resources. Different horse wireframes are shown besides a box mockup for the asset.

How to Draw Horse

by Mels Mneyan

Cut down your drawing time with help from this brush pack containing hundreds of different horse poses.

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Two photos of a woman in a flowing black robe with a golden veil. She sits atop a white Arabian horse, kicking up sand behind it.

Desert Horse Rider

by Grafit Studio

Grafit Studio’s pack contains over 360 high-res photos that’ll help you to speed up your workflow. The pack includes various textures, a scenic desert background, dynamic horse poses, portrait close-ups, and more!

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A photo of a white horse looking at the camera, standing in a misty field.

Horses Photo Reference Pack For Artists

by Satine Zillah

Inside Satine’s photo reference pack you’ll find many interesting horse breeds in various environments. It offers mostly close-ups, portraits, and a few full-body shots. With their high level of detail, the photos are perfect for use in photobash projects.

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Screenshot of a video lesson, where Nikolay is demonstrating horse sculpting in 3d.

Making a Cartoon Character in ZBrush

by Nikolay Naydenov

Where would a knight be without a noble steed? In this course you’ll learn to craft a fearsome 3D dragon knight and his loyal horse, based on a concept by Taran Fiddler.

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