How 6 Different Creatives Do Character Design

Inspiring Reads For Your Character Art Projects

Every day talented artists are connecting with other community members through their posts on ArtStation Blogs. We’ve gathered a few such posts where artists are offering a sneak peek into their unique character design workflows.

Images of the dwarf demonologists in different stages of character art development

The Process of Creating Dwarf Demonologists

by Sergey Davydenko

Sergey Davydenko, Lead Concept Artist at iLogos Game Studio, reviews his process for creating a “dwarf demonologist” fantasy character.

When you read a book, you can draw scenes in your head, creating a world and characters based on descriptions and images. This process is similar to concept art character design in which artists develop holistic character concepts based on descriptions or their own ideas.

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Two forest elf women by artist Jing

How Original Anime-Style Characters Are Created

by Virtuos 

This article is part of a series by Virtuos aimed at sharing best practices in game development and art production. In this post, Chen, Lead Artist, and Jing, Senior Artist at Virtuos Chengdu, go through their processes of creating original anime-style characters for a recent ACG Jam contest.

An artist’s solid fundamental skills are essential when it comes to drawing high-quality anime art. The artist must possess a strong understanding of basic anatomy to draw believable characters, and have a good sense of perspective.

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Three character art portraits from Ula's school project

FMP – Week 1 – First Character and Planning

by Ula Tomczuk

Over a 15-part series, Ula Tomczuk reviews the process of making her final project for DMU Game Art.

This is my final university project. It’s a 62-page art book that I had to complete in 3 months. We were tasked to develop an original IP.

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Witch Bunny – Pre-Production

by Lara Diego 

In another multi-part character art series, Lara Diego reviews her character art workflow from 2D sketch to 3D final.

Taking inspiration once again from Beatrix Potter’s work, I had a go at making another character with the same vibe to it.

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A banner for TRACE studio's article depicting a steampunk character in a gas mask-type device

Character Artist in Outsource Studio: How to Handle Negative Feedback

by TRACE studio 

In this article TRACE studio addresses a part of character design that’s easy to overlook—negative feedback.

When you start working in a studio…you’ll have to get a lot of feedback and it’s not likely all will be nice and positive.

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