Study with Top Professionals From the Video Game and Animation Industry: Enroll at Idea Academy

Visual Development Program

Immerse yourself in the heart of the eternal city of Rome and take the ultimate step to becoming the artist you want to be.

The IDEA visual development program is designed for passionate individuals looking for a career in the entertainment industry.

Under the guidance of Anthony Christov, currently art director and production designer at Pixar, and staff of teachers (coming from Disney, Blizzard, Pixar, Riot Games, Delcourt, Wizard of the Coast, Warner Bros and many more), you will learn the tools to become an industry ready designer for character, creatures and environments in the field of video games and animation.

Be ready to change your artistic life forever and experience all Rome has to offer at its fullest!

Start by mastering all the drawing and painting fundamentals from perspective and anatomy, to color light and composition, in the Fundamentals of Visual Development course and then move to the Master in Visual Development Level 1 and Level 2.

Master in Visual Development Level 1 will teach you all the tools of the trade and what it really means to become a visual development artist for games and animation. The secrets of character, creature and environment design, the development of a superior artistic taste and knowledge of teamwork will all be acquired during this intensive year and put to test with collaborative projects; collaborative projects are a set of brief-based assignments designed in conjunction with game and animation studios and professionals to teach you how to work under pressure and to design for the specific needs of the industry.

Your design skills will be accompanied by the knowledge of software such as Zbrush and Sketchup.

Open your mind to the beauty of the city of Rome through drawing sessions in some of the most amazing locations in the world and take inspiration from the great masters of the past!

By the end of the Master in Visual Development Level 1 you will finally be ready to access Master in Visual Development Level 2 and develop the best possible portfolio and polish your skills.

Under the guidance of amazing talents such as Lip Comarella (Passion Pictures, Luma Pictures) and Even Amundsen (Volta, Riot Games, Wizard of the Coast, Blizzard, Games Workshop) you will bring your talent to the final level of refinement.

Master Level 1 and Level 2, will be some of the most amazing experiences you can get in education. Your teachers will be the first line of professional contacts in the industry and will help you out in finding your inner voice and prepare you for your dream job.

Design skills and painting, both digital and 3D with the latest 360 degree and VR techniques, will be taught in the course.


Animation & VFX Program

Breath life into your characters!

IDEA Academy offers also the one and only animation course directed by Anthony Christov, current art director and production designer at Pixar Animation Studios.

Their teachers are all experienced professionals who have worked for companies like Cartoon Network, Google, Red Knuckles, and Oscar-nominated movies like “The Red Turtle” a co-production of Wild Bunch and Studio Ghibli, as well as many popular shows such as: The Amazing World of Gumball, Last Man, Long Way North, Titeuf, etc…

This 3 years Animation course will allow students an in-depth study of 2D animation tools such as Toon Boom, TV Paying and 3D animation with Maya to learn how to convey weight, motion, and personality to your characters with the most advanced techniques.

The course will culminate in final movie project that is designed to be the ticket you need to apply to your job in the industry. If you’re an aspiring storyboard artist, visual effects artist, 2D or 3D animator, join them and learn from internationally renowned professionals!

IDEA Academy has contacts with some of the biggest companies worldwide and offers extensive opportunities for placement in games and animation. For more info write to: or visit their Facebook page.

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