Announcing ArchViz Week 2022: Join March 21-25

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We’re happy to share that ArtStation ArchViz Week 2022 will take place from March 21-25! All week long we’ll be celebrating the incredible ArchViz artists in the ArtStation community by highlighting community-created projects, sharing learning resources, and much more.

Like during last year’s event, we’ll be featuring the Architectural Visualization Channel on ArtStation. Tagging your archviz work in the featured Channel is an excellent way to get your projects seen. Get ready for ArchViz Week 2022 by uploading your projects today:

Upload an Architectural Visualization Project

ArchViz Week 2022 FAQ

How do I upload my work to the Architectural Visualization Channel?

Screenshot of the Subject Matter section of the portfolio manager

When uploading or editing a project from your portfolio manager, scroll down to the “Subject Matter” section of the page. Add “Architectural Visualization” to your project with the search bar.

How do I follow the Architectural Visualization Channel?

Screenshot of the Architectural Visualization button

To keep up with the latest projects being posted during the week, make sure that you’re following the Architectural Visualization Channel. Go here and click follow in the top right corner of the “Architectural Visualization” button in the channel row to add it to your homepage.

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