From Classes to Careers with Vertex School’s Game Art Program

Artwork by Vertex Student Christian Mayer

Now is the ideal time to get into the Game Art industry! At Vertex School the main focus is helping students go from classes to careers. Not only has the overall job outlook for game artists been steadily increasing over the past few years, but there’s an expected increase of over 32,000 jobs by the year 2029!

It’s no secret how Vertex School has so many students who have gotten a career in the Game Art industry after graduating from their 9 month Game Art Program or completing a class. Vertex School students receive one-on-one mentoring from top industry professionals who provide them with the necessary knowledge, tips, and workflows needed to succeed in getting a career in the industry. 

Artwork by Vertex Student Michael Vladimirov

Meet Étienne Cardona Plourde. Étienne went from 2D animation to enrolling in Vertex School’s 9 month Game Art Program and landing a job as a 3D Character Artist! 

“Switching from 2D animation to 3D character art, Vertex School’s 9 month Game Art Program was the best configuration I could’ve hoped for. During the classes, I was taught the necessary tools to complete a full project, and the one-on-one sessions with industry mentors allowed me to pinpoint my weaknesses and further deepen my knowledge of both the softwares and techniques used. Thanks to Vertex School and a recommendation from my mentor, Ashley Sparling, I’ve been hired by Ubisoft as a 3D Character Artist. I was not expecting such an awesome conclusion to the program.”

Étienne Cardona Plourde, Vertex School Graduate and brand new 3D Character Artist

Artwork by Vertex Graduate Étienne Cardona

Next, meet Colin. Colin’s journey to a career as a Character Artist began when he enrolled in Ackeem Durrant’s Character Creation for Games Bootcamp

“As an illustrator transitioning to a career in 3D game art, I found the classes and the community of Vertex School to be invaluable! The combination of in-depth video courses and weekly live instruction from professionals working in the field allowed me to efficiently level up my learning. 3D is an incredibly fast paced field and I can honestly say that without Vertex School I would not have improved quickly enough in order to be competitive in today’s job market and score my job at Crystal Dynamics. There’s no replacement for hard work. But you can work both harder and smarter if you have the right teachers and the right community. So enroll in a class at the Vertex School and give it your all!”

Colin Nitta, Vertex School Graduate and brand new Character Artist 

Artwork by Vertex Class Graduate Colin Nitta

Finally, meet André. André landed a dream job working as a 3D Artist after taking Vlad Vanzariuc’s Photogrammetry Bootcamp.

“Through Vertex School I was able to improve my workflow and produce a portfolio-ready environment/piece, which eventually landed me a job in the game art industry working at Unity as a 3D Artist. My mentor was very knowledgeable and involved in my work, and I really felt that he wanted me to succeed. I would definitely recommend Vertex School to anyone wanting to improve their skills and learn from experienced people in the industry.”

André Castman, Vertex School Graduate and 3D Artist

Artwork by Vertex Graduate André Castman

If you’re ready to take your skills to a professional, career ready level check out the 9 month Game Art Program at Vertex School. Not ready to commit to 9 months? Check out the class catalog, Vertex School classes have also proven to prepare students for a career in the industry!

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