Announcing StudioQuest: A New ArtStation Learning Journey

Another exciting series has joined ArtStation Learning‘s growing catalogue of resources for artists! Today we are proud to announce StudioQuest, created in collaboration with the award-winning visual design company Atomhawk.

Graphic with the "Project Canopy" logo over top a fantasy forest sceneThis six-part video journey explores the role of a studio concept artist. Each part of the series follows a different artist from Atomhawk and their role in the visual development pipeline for “Project Canopy”. Mood pieces, character exploration, worldbuilding, non-playable character design, vehicle design, and marketing art are all covered, along with plenty of extra tips and techniques for success.

Atomhawk’s all-star team brought a special blend of experience and enthusiasm to StudioQuest. “The best bit for me is the potential for someone who’s learning to have an easier time transitioning into a studio environment,” says Art Director & “Project Canopy” Creative Lead Drew Whitmore.

With ArtStation Learning to remain free, there’s never been a better time to start learning. “ArtStation is a place where artists can get inspired by amazing art—and with resources like ArtStation Learning—find out how to achieve those results,” says Dario Jelusic, Principle Concept Artist and Deputy-Lead on “Project Canopy”.

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Artist Lineup:

Mauro Cerati

Mauro Cerati is a senior concept artist currently working at Atomhawk UK. He has previously worked on a variety of projects like Call of Duty VanguardStreet Fighter V, and Oddworld among others. His passion for architecture and landscape is reflected in his environments, which he considers his specialty. Interested in both realistic and painterly styles, he uses those two approaches to visualize and shape these digital imaginary worlds.


Charlie Bowater

Charlie Bowater is a Lead Artist at Atomhawk. She joined the studio as a junior in 2010 and has been part of the studio ever since. Charlie has worked on a variety of projects over the years, often with a heavy focus on character work. She enjoys illustration and moonlights as a book cover illustrator outside of studio life.


Jourdan Tuffan

If not at his favourite local Thai restaurant in Newcastle or making sushi at home, Jourdan Tuffan spends most of his week working as a Senior Concept Artist at Atomhawk. His love of exploring different cultures through food can often be seen in his choice of subject matters and love of worldbuilding. Perhaps the only thing to rival all of those passions is teaching and sharing his knowledge through his social media posts and streams on his Twitch and Discord.


Ani Larmina

Ani Larmina is a Senior Concept Artist at Atomhawk. She has previously worked as a Lead Concept Artist and Illustrator at several outsource studios. Drawing characters and storytelling are her passions. Her creative work is inspired by mystical magical worlds; witchery and vampires on one side, and daring adventures on the other. Ani’s artistic tone leans toward strong shapes, bold graphics, and painterly art styles.


Gavin Manners

Gavin Manners is a Senior Concept Artist at Atomhawk UK. He originally worked as an Interior Architect, Architectural Visualiser, and then as a 3D Design & Drawing Lecturer before moving into concept art. Gavin is passionate about mechs, robots, and vehicles. With a strong foundation in hard surface and mechanical design, he has recently branched out into environment and prop design.


Artur Zima
Artur is a Principal Concept Artist at Atomhawk UK. He joined the studio six months ago and has been working in the industry for seven years. In this time, Artur has worked on various projects, from mobile games to AAA titles. He specializes in environment design and enjoys exploring both stylized and realistic approaches to concept art. He is passionate about worldbuilding as well as storytelling and draws his inspiration from ancient cultures and history.


Drew Whitmore

Drew Whitmore is Atomhawk UK’s Art Director. He’s been bouncing around the games industry for 14 years and has been at Atomhawk for the last five. He loves all sorts of art but his personal work is largely stylized, character-focused, and often features the colors cranked up to maximum saturation. He has a love for books, D&D, dogs, and pizza.


Dario Jelusic

Dario Jelusic is a self-taught digital artist, concept artist, and illustrator guided by his talent, taste for the beautiful and the ugly, and the unrestrainable and relentless power of imagination. He is always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities which will challenge his skills.

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